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'The Castlerock Painter'

In 2005, Gerald was profiled in a short film made by Northern Visions Televison which is based in Belfast. Filmed and directed by Martin Nelson, 'The Castlerock Painter' has often been broadcast in their schedules. Their description of the programme follows.

The Castlerock Painter (12 minutes)

Filmed and Directed by Martin Nelson

Castlerock is perched on the craggy coastline of Co. Londonderry. With its legs dangling lazily in the sea, it is the tranquil home of local artist Gerald Maguire. Enjoy a ‘Castlerock Cocktail’ of spectacular north coast scenery, tastefully described in canvas, oils and watercolours.  Memory lane is still there…I remember the quaint level crossing, the 1950s studio rubbing shoulders with the ferries overburdened with day trippers from Belfast and Derry. …Atlantic breakers bite and snap…daily toe tippers, feet encased in gritty wet sand…a golden carpet for endless Sunday School excursions. Oozing with oodles of ozone….that’s dreamy Castlerock.


Some of the paintings featured in the programme are shown below.