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Gerald presents a painting to actor James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt and Gerald

James Nesbitt, James Nesbitt Sr and Gerald Maguire

Coleraine Chronicle

Famous Actor Jimmy Nesbitt opens new Castlrerock Information Centre

Star Turn for the 'Rock!

CASTLEROCK Information Centre officially opened for business this week - with the help of one of it's most famous sons.

The state of the art Community and Information Centre was declared open by famous actor Dr James Nesbitt on Monday June 27th.

It is set to become the focal point in Castlerock, in order to renew beauty and generate local interests.

A group of local enthusiasts have brought the group together to counter the decline in village ammenities in recent years by usuing a sustained programme of regeneration and renewal.

The freshly decorated building will be used as a community hub catering for the needs of local people and visitors who spend time in Castlerock every summer.

The information Centre is the outcome of the Association's three year development plan for regeeration and renewal prompted by a growing concern by Castlerock residents.

Northern Ireland actor James Nesbitt told the Chronicle: "The last time I was here was for my mum and dad's 50th Wedding anniversary and firstly I would like to thank the residents for their continuous support and generousity to my mother and father.

"There is always great support and protection with the people who live here in the area and even though I work hard, Castlerock always has a special place in my heart.

"We should promote Castlerock more. It is a beautiful place and this new information centre is a step forward in the right direction. I flew back from New Zealand a couple of days ago and I'm tired but I would not have missed this for the world.

"I thank everyone for their generosity and I encourage everyone around here to work hard and make this place known, it's wonderful. It's lovely to see familiar faces, there is a beautiful beach and golf course, but most importantly there is an unusual atmosphere that makes me smile."


The opening day started at Castlerock Golf Club and a selected number of guests discussed local issues over light refreshments and a buffet.

A painting of Castlerock was presented to James Nesbitt by local artist Gerald Maguire and a speech was made by chair of the association Mike Jones.

He told the Chronicle: "The group and building is here to fit the needs of everyone. We want the place looking good and want to appeal to everyone including local people and tourists. The teenagers within the area should come in and have a look at our facilities; they might be pleasantly surprised at what we have to offer.

We are always thinking of what to work on next. With thanks to Nelson McFarland and Alan Lyons we are improbing imagery already in the area. The grounds where the Golf Hotel used to be are an eyesore and soon there will be greenary and flowers to clean the place up. It's all about keeping a beautiful village."

The group of 80 walked Mr Nesbitt to the village centre where the official opening took place. The crowd cheered and the sun continued to shine as James cut the ribbon and took a tour of the new facilities.

The Community and Visitor Information Centre will offer a comprehensive service for people in and around Castlerock designed to support the general living needs and interests such as shopping, housing, leisure, education, computer/it, employment, equal opportunities, disability and local events in Castlerock. The team si keen to provide what people want and the list is likely to change as time goes on.

Those interested can check the website www.coastlinecastlerock.org