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A painting commission for UTV's Paul Clark

In September 1995, the railway footbridge at Castlerock station was taken away to be restored as it was over 100 years old and in a dangerous state.

It was returned in November 1998 when construction engineers worked through the night using floodlights and cranes to put it back in place.

On Saturday 10th April 1999, there was a formal re-opening ceremony, and crowds from all over the area turned out for the occasion. It was followed by a Buffet in the nearby Golf Hotel.

Gerald was asked to do a special painting of the bridge for presentation to the guest of honour, Mr Paul Clark, who currently presents 'UTV Live'.

Paul Clark is a regular visitor to Castlerock and is a railway enthusiast. He often brings his family on the 'Portrush Flyer' steam excursions, which always includes a visit to Castlerock.

The event was organised by Mrs Jessie McConkey (right), a leading member of the 'Castlerock Railway Preservation Society.'

Plans are afoot for Castlerock station. The 'Castlerock Railway Preservation Society' are currently trying to get permission to restore the Derry bound platform to what it would have looked like in victorian times.

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